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Self-Healing in Michigan
Meir Schneider Self-Healing Method
Back Massage

In the Self-Healing method, massage is used as a very important adjunct to movement therapy. Self-Healing bodywork is also a healing tool in its own right. The techniques we use are designed to:


  • relax muscle spasms, so that the softened muscle fibers become more capable of free movement;


  • ease the sense of constraint and tension in the body, which may be just as limiting to movement as actual tight muscles;


  • increase circulation, by relaxing muscles so that blood can flow into areas that have hitherto been deprived of their full blood supply, and by promoting regulation of blood formation;


  • reactivate nerves;


  • strengthen weak muscles by improving circulation and nerve response;


  • promote deeper respiration - an automatic result of relaxation;


  • activate the parasympathetic, or relaxing, mechanism of the nervous system through touch and relaxation and by improving respiration;


  • lubricate and mobilize joints and increase their range of motion;


  • enhance digestion;


  • balance fluid concentrations throughout the body;


  • balance and regulate body temperatures - if your hands are cold, massage will warm them; if your knees are hot, massage will cool them;


  • release emotions trapped in the form of body tension;


  • provide stimulation to the sensory nerves to aid in motor action - when you feel a part of your body, you can move it more easily; 


  • regenerate deteriorating bones;


  • regenerate dystrophic muscles.”

(The Handbook of Self-Healing, by Meir Schneider)

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